Monday, February 17, 2014

Quantum Healing

Quantum Touch Healing Is a method of light hands on healing that when used by a Certified Practioner can profoundly accelerate the body's own healing response. The effects are immediate and long lasting.

To use Quatum touch you simply need to learn various breathing techniques and hand positions. Those who apply the principles and techneques taught by a certified instructor can become capable practionioners over the intensive but enjoyable two days.

This is because the ability to heal is an inherant part of people's essential nature and by using those gentle breathing techniques together with healing intent we see healing taking place before us.

Quantum touch practioners learn through breathing techniques to raise the vibrations of their hands to a very high frequency. When they place their hands in the proximity to someone else who is in pain, their clients body, like similarly tuned circuit, will resonate and entrain to the practicioners hands thus allowing healing to take place in very gentle manner.


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